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Dear Friends and Supporters:
GREETINGS: The Filipino American Association for Developmental Disabilities (FAADD) brings you peace, love and joy  through the year . 
FAADD is a non-profit tax-exempt organization for the welfare and enhancement of the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities.  It provides social, recreational, and educational activities to overcome barriers and stereotypes for people with special needs and their families.
For the last ten years, the FAADD sponsors holiday event for persons with special needs with  their families to experience the spirit of the year’s seasonal holiday events with  freedom to celebrate regardless of their physical, mental, and emotional limitations.  These events are  highlighted with the tradition of gift giving at Christmas,  the  spook of  trick-o-treating at Halloween, the new life of spring of Easter egg hunting during Easter  and the fun and joy of out door picnic of Summer.  We provide music, food, and activities.   
We appeal  to your  kindness and generosity to make these event  possible by doing any or all of the  following: 
1. Adopt (a) person/s with special needs and gift them their Christmas wish.  
2. Make a tax-deductible donation to FAADD other upcoming events i.e., Disneyland trip, summer picnic, workshops, monthly support group meetings, etc.).
3. Volunteer your time during our events  to do any of the ff:  set up and clean up, decorate, serve, dance with, entertain, serve the guests with special needs and their families. 
YOU are invited to  partake in these events; and more importantly,   you are given the privilege to make these events  happen with your kind- hearted TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation.  
Please make your check to FAADD and mail to  [ FAADD  5850 Parkmead Ct., San Diego, CA. 92114] .
Please feel free to call / email us of your donation, comments, suggestions or just a word of support and encouragement  for FAADD. 
You can email us at 
Thank you and God Bless,  The FAADD 
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